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As any good physicist will tell you, there’s no such thing as sound in space. However, if science fiction media followed this rule, it would make space battles pretty boring. Thus, we have sound in space.

As a self-admitted sci-fi fanatic, I find the concept of sound in space to be representative of the science fiction genre as a whole. Often times, sci-fi writers are forced to bend or break the laws of physics for narrative purposes. Those who (more or less) follow the established rules of science write what is known as ‘hard science fiction’. Those who completely throw all the rules out the window write ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. I believe that a happy medium exists between these two extremes, and this blog will chronicle my quest to find it.

I plan to review a wide variety of science fiction media… everything from hardcore military SF to kids cartoons shows (Transformers Animated for the win!) I’ll also throw a random post in here or there… stuff like cool new scientific discoveries, or a funny new lolcats picture I found on the internets. In any case, I hope those of you who read this find enough interesting things in this blog to keep coming back.


Jon is a poor and geeky college student who wastes uses his free time to read, watch and play various forms of science fiction entertainment. His favorite stories are Crest of the Stars, Mobile Suit Gundam, Star Trek and Titan A.E. He also thinks Riddick is awesome, no matter what the critics say. And yes, he owns a cat.


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  1. July 14, 2008 at 5:22 am

    Hi Jon

    Quickie for you. I’m the author of a couple of recently published SFF novels, ‘The Court of the Air’ and ‘The Kingdom Beyond the Waves’.

    If you haven’t already read them, would you be interested in getting review copies for a potential review on Sound in Space? They’re both fantasy novels with a touch of SF (I don’t want to give too much away, but they’re set in the far future about a thousand years after an ice age has ended).

    The Court of the Air is just out in the US from Tor, and both novels are now out in the UK from HarperCollins.

    Anyway, if you’re interested, let me know your snail-mail and I’ll ask the PR person at the publisher to send you a copy.



    PS – there’s also an animation for The Court of the Air which you can run on your own blog by cutting and pasting the embed code from YouTube over at – alternatively, I can also e-mail you the animation it as a Flash object (but it’s megabytes big, so you might want to save on the bandwidth and link to it via good old YouTube).

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